Avalanche Weather Observations

Avalanche Mentorship

This course puts touring front-and-center while you practice your avalanche decision-making with an experienced ski guide. In this clinic, you’ll tour with a guide who will walk you through their observation and decision-making process. You’ll get more comfortable identifying avalanche terrain, understanding how the weather impacts your decisions, and how to use the forecast to help you decide where and when to ski. Some pre-course study is required.

This course is best-suited to skiers who are already getting into the backcountry. Whether you’re tentative and want to build more confidence, or you’re having a great time out there, but you’re worried about blind-spots, this is a great way to get some on-the-snow mentorship from a professional. You’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and practice skills with supportive feedback.


Central Oregon

1 skier $430

2 skiers $235 per person

3 skiers $185 per person

4 skiers $145 per person

5  skiers $115 per person

If your group is larger than 5 people, please call our office for a price quote as we will add a second guide.

Trip Length: 
1 day
Trip Dates: 
Dates arranged on a custom basis.
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