One Day Ski Tour Central Oregon

Summer Ski Touring- Mt Hood

Sunshine, corn, and sweet soft turns!  Summertime isn’t just for the beach anymore.  Mount Hood has plenty of great summer ski tours that are easily accessible. On Mt. Hood, we will take a chairlift up to 8500′ where we have multiple options for day long tours with a focus on getting as many great turns as we can. This program would be great for the experienced skier that is looking to extend their ski season and venture beyond the resort boundaries.

Mount Hood

1 skier = $325
2 skiers = $210 each
3 skiers = $165 each
4 skiers = $135 each
5+ skiers = $120 each

(Includes a 1 lift ride up the Palmer Chairlift, when available.)

If your group is larger than 5 people, call our office for a quote, as we typically add a second guide.

Trip Length: 
1 day
Trip Dates: 
June 11, 2017

Custom dates available throughout the Spring and Summer
Dates arranged on a custom basis.
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