AIARE 1 Avalanche Course – for Skiers and Splitboarders

Winter | 3 days

Decision Making In Avalanche Terrain The AIARE 1 is a three-day course that provides an introduction to using decision making tools to ¬†help a group manage risk while traveling in avalanche terrain. There will be about 4 hours of self paced online study required ¬†before the    …trip details

AIARE 2 Avalanche Course

Winter | 3 days

Analyzing Snow Stability and Avalanche Hazard In the past, the AIARE 2 was designed to be an entry level professional course. The redesigned AIARE 2 is designed specifically to meet the needs of advanced recreational students who have taken an AIARE 1 and AIARE Avalanche    …trip details

Avalanche Level I Refresher Course

Winter | 1 day

The goal of an Level I Refresher Course is to dust off some your skills, review important topics, and also bring in some new updated information. If it has been a few years since you have taken your Level I, this would be a great course to consider in order to stay current.    …trip details

AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course

Winter, Spring | 1 day

AIARE Avalanche Rescue is a one-day stand alone course that is intended to be retaken on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of best practices in rescue techniques and gear. New participants will learn the basics of companion rescue, while return participants will    …trip details

Avalanche Mentorship

Winter | 1 day

This course puts touring front-and-center while you practice your avalanche decision-making with an experienced ski guide. In this clinic, you'll tour with a guide who will walk you through their observation and decision-making process. You'll get more comfortable    …trip details

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