Backcountry Touring and Avalanche Safety Clinic

Winter, Spring, Summer | 1 day

Haven't ventured into the backcountry to ski or board yet?! Join us for this one-day introductory program for skiers and split boarders. We will begin with the basics; introduction to backcountry ski/splitboard equipment, skinning techniques, as well as some instruction on    …trip details

Ski Mountaineering Clinic- Mt Hood

Spring, Summer | 1 day

Mount Hood offers a great venue for ski mountaineering with glaciated terrain, open snow fields, and easy access.  In our Introduction to Ski Mountaineering course participants will be exposed to basic crampon and ice axe technique, roped travel, steep skinning techniques,    …trip details

Mt. Baker Introduction to Glaciated Skiing

Summer | 3 days

Mt. Baker is one of the most iconic peaks in the Lower 48, as well as being one of the most glaciated. It is an ideal location to learn some of the skills that are required for ski mountaineering. On this 3-day trip, we'll spend quite a bit of time on skill development in    …trip details

Broken Top Ski Mountaineering Camp

Spring | 3 days

Broken Top offers numerous lines to both climb and then ski, and its right in our backyard! This seldom visited peak in the Central Oregon Cascades is an incredible classroom for both mountaineering and skiing skills. During this three-day camp, we'll focus on technical    …trip details

Crevasse Rescue Clinic For Ski Mountaineers- Mt Hood

Spring, Summer | 1 day

This is a must have course for the experienced backcountry skier looking to make the transition into ski mountaineering.  We will introduce the C pulley system, Z pulley system, and combination's of the two. We'll focus on the rescue of a crevasse victim, and actually run    …trip details

Glacier Skiing – Mt Hood

Spring, Summer | 1 day

Sunshine, corn, and sweet soft turns!  Summertime isn't just for the beach anymore.  Mount Hood has plenty of great summer ski tours that are easily accessible. On Mt. Hood, we will take a chairlift up to 8500' where we have multiple options for day long tours with a focus    …trip details

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