Oregon Ski Guides reserves the right to cancel or modify a trip due to circumstances beyond our control, including COVID, world events and acts of God. Payments are always non-refundable, even under these circumstances.

  • A 20% deposit per booking is required to reserve your trip. This deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances because we begin to spend this money on your behalf right away.
  • Full payment is due 60 days before your program’s start date. This payment is non-refundable under all circumstances. No cancellations, group-size changes, or date-changes are allowed after this date. (International programs are due in full 120 days prior to start date.)
  • Date-change requests are subject to availability and cost $50 per booking. Date-changes are not allowed within 60 days of your program’s start date, and your new date must be within the same calendar year.

We adhere to these policies under all circumstances, and therefore we recommend that you purchase trip/travel insurance or wait to register until closer to your desired date.

Private Group Registration: If you plan to schedule a private ski trip, the Group Leader will be responsible for all deposits and payments for the entire group. Each individual must still complete our Registration Form. We require younger skiers (under 16 years) to join us in a private setting.

Inclement Weather: Challenging weather conditions are often a part of skiing in the mountains. Oregon Ski Guides will lead your ski tour in any weather conditions, although there is no guarantee that we will reach our destination.

  • Once a trip begins, there are no refunds or date-changes available due to bad weather.
  • Regardless of the forecasted weather, we are unable to offer refunds, exchanges or rainchecks in the weeks or days before a scheduled trip.
  • We will uphold our cancellation policies in all cases.

Turning around: The guide will make a decision to turn back if they feel that the group is being placed in jeopardy. We are not in a position to evaluate your fitness level. Our guides can only make decisions based on the speed and coordination of the team relative to current conditions and forecasted weather. If you have any chronic health conditions, please consult your doctor before signing up for any trip.

Skier-to-Guide Ratios: Each skier program has a maximum climber-to-guide ratio, listed at the bottom of the program description. These ratios are determined based on the hazard exposure and the limitations of protection systems that we employ. For that reason, our guides will not exceed this ratio in technical terrain. Private Guides are available for anyone concerned about skiing with unknown partners.

Acknowledgement of Risk Forms: At the start of your program you will be asked to sign an Acknowledgement of Risk form. We recommend that you take the time to read this form prior to arriving, and we invite you to call our office in advance if you have any questions about it. Skiing, climbing and mountaineering involve inherent risks  – many that we can manage to a degree – some that are beyond our control. By signing, you assume responsibility for all the risks associated with this activity, and you acknowledge the hazards that are beyond our control. We do not assume liability for injuries or death. All participants are completely responsible for all medical and hospital costs associated with any injury, rescue or evacuation. You go at your own risk.