Rental Gear Rates

All of our ski tours and courses require the use of avalanche safety gear and our ski mountaineering programs also require technical climbing gear. When our on-site Mountain Office is open during the regular season, we are able to offer technical rental gear to our Mt. Hood participants. The rates are indicated below. Due to our limited gear resources, all rental gear is reserved for TMG/OSG program participants. We do not rent technical gear to the general public. Please call our office to arrange for rental gear.

Technical Rental Gear Rates

Ice Axe$10/day
Technical Day Pack$10/day
Mountaineering Boots$20/day
Collapsible Ski Poles$10/day
Avalanche Transceiver$10/day
Probe $10/day

*Or rent the Avalanche Package: Transceiver, Probe, and Shovel for $25/day