Crevasse Rescue Clinic For Ski Mountaineers


1 skier = $575
2 skiers = $395 each
3 skiers = $355 each

4+ skiers = $295 each

Length:1 day
Dates:Dates arranged on a custom basis in May and June

Skiing on glaciers in the spring and early summer is any eye-opening experience, but can come with its own set of hazards. When skiing on a glacier, crevasses are one of the most prominent hazards that we have to mitigate. It is critical that skiers traveling on glacier know how to properly rescue their partner should they ski into a crevasse, and ski mountaineers should have a quick system that they can employ to properly rescue a partner.

This is a must-do course for experienced backcountry skiers looking to make the transition into ski mountaineering on glaciers. The foundation of any solid crevasse rescue system is an anchor. We will cover anchors extensively, and make sure that you have a few tools in your toolbox for creating a strong anchor. We will also introduce the C pulley system and Z pulley system. Once you’re practiced in each, you’ll learn to combine them into complex hauling systems.  The focus of this course is to enable you to haul a partner out of a crevasse in the event that they fall in while skiing. This day will culminate is a full crevasse-rescue simulation.

Previous ski touring experience is required for this clinic.


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Previous Ski Touring experience is required for this clinic.

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